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Huichen Dai (戴惠辰)

Email: dhconly@gmail.com
Lab of Broadband Network Switching Technology and Communications
Dept. of Compuer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University
Tel: +86-10-6277-3441
Address: Room 9-416, East Main Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R. China, 100084

I am now a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Computer Science & Technology, Tsinghua University.

I received my Ph.D. degree from the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, in Jan, 2016. I got my B.S. degree from Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Xi’an, China, in 2010. I joined the Lab of Broadband Network Switching Technology and Communications at Tsinghua University in 2010. My Ph.D. prgoram advisor is Professor Bin Liu.


My research interests mainly lie in: router architecture, fast packet processing, Future Internet Architecture, e.g., Named Data Networking (NDN), Software Defined Network (SDN).


  1. Huichen Dai, Bin Liu, Haowei Yuan, Patrick Crowley and Jianyuan Lu, Analysis of Tandem PIT and CS with Non-Zero Download Delay, In Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM'17, May 1st - May 4, 2017, Atlanta, GA, USA. PDF

  2. Huichen Dai, Jianyuan Lu, Yi Wang, Tian Pan and Bin Liu, BFAST: High-Speed and Memory-Efficient Approach for NDN Forwarding Engine, accepted by Transactions on Networking (ToN). PDF

  3. Huichen Dai, Bin Liu, CONSERT: Constructing optimal name-based routing tables, Computer Networks, Volume 94, 15 January 2016, Pages 62-79. PDF

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  5. Huichen Dai, Yi Wang, Hao Wu, Jianyuan Lu, Bin Liu, Towards Line-Speed and Accurate On-line Popularity Monitoring on NDN Routers. IEEE/ACM IWQoS'14, May 26-27, 2014. Hong Kong. PDF

  6. Yi Wang, Boyang Xu, Dong zhe Tai, Jianyuan Lu, Ting Zhang, Huichen Dai, Beichuan Zhang, Bin Liu, Fast Name Lookup for Named Data Networking. IEEE/ACM IWQoS'14, May 26-27, 2014. Hong Kong. Best Paper Award.

  7. Yi Wang, Dongzhe Tai, Ting Zhang, Jianyuan Lu, Boyang Xu, Huichen Dai, Bin Liu, Greedy Name Lookup for Named Data Networking. SIGMETRICS'13 Poster.

  8. Huichen Dai, Yi Wang, Jindou Fan, Bin Liu, Mitigate DDoS Attacks in NDN by Interest Traceback. INFOCOM'13 NOMEN Workshop, April 14-19, 2013 - Turin, Italy.

  9. ppt slides

  10. Yi Wang, Yuan Zu, Ting Zhang, Kunyang Peng, Qunfeng Dong, Bin Liu, Wei Meng, Huichen Dai, Xin Tian, Zhonghu Xu, Hao Wu, Di Yang. Wire Speed Name Lookup: A GPU-based Approach. USENIX NSDI'13, April 2-5, 2013, Lombard, IL, USA..

  11. Yi Wang, Tian Pan, Zhian Mi, Huichen Dai, Xiaoyu Guo, Ting Zhang, Bin Liu and Qunfeng Dong. NameFilter: Achieving fast name lookup with low memory cost via applying two-stage Bloom filters. INFOCOM'13 mini conference, April 14-19, 2013 - Turin, Italy..

  12. Tong Yang, Shenjiang Zhang, Xianda Sun, Huichen Dai, Ruian Duan, Jianyuan Lu, Zhian Mi and Bin Liu. Virtual Routing Tables Polymerization for Lookup and Update, IEEE ICNP'12 Poster, October 30-November 2, 2012, Austin, TX, USA.

  13. Huichen Dai, Bin Liu, Yan Chen, Yi Wang; On Pending Interest Table in Named Data Networking, ACM/IEEE ANCS'12, 29-30 October, 2012, Austin, TX, USA.

  14. ppt slides

  15. Huichen Dai, Jianyuan Lu, Yi Wang, Bin Liu; A Two-layer Intra-domain Routing Scheme for Named Data Networking, Globecom'12, 3-7 December, Anaheim, CA, USA.

  16. Yi Wang, Keqiang He, Huichen Dai, Wei Meng, Junchen Jiang, Bin Liu, Yan Chen; Scalable Name Lookup in NDN Using Effective Name Component Encoding, ICDCS'12, 18-21 June 2012.

  17. Tong Yang, Ruian Duan, Jianyuan Lu, Shenjiang Zhang, Huichen Dai, Bin Liu; CLUE: Achieving Fast Update over Compressed Table for Parallel Lookup with Reduced Dynamic Redundancy, ICDCS'12, 18-21 June, 2012.

  18. Yi Wang, Huichen Dai, Junchen Jiang, Keqiang He, Wei Meng, Bin Liu; Parallel Name Lookup for Named Data Networking, GLOBECOM'11, 5-9 Dec. 2011.

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