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Yi Wang (汪漪)

Email: wy@ieee.org
Tel: +86 10 6277 3441
Address: East Main Building RM 9-416, Tsinghua University, Beijing PR China 100084

Welcome to my home page! I am an Post Doctor in the Department of Computer Science & Technology, Tsinghua University.

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I joined the Lab of Broadband Network Switching Technology and Communications in 2009, and my supervisor since then has been Prof. Bin Liu.

My resent research focuses on Named Data Networking (NDN), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), High speed router and switch architectures, and Future Internet. I also have interests in power-aware management of network and data center.


Selected Publications (Accepted papers Submitted papers Technical reports)

Accepted papers


  1. Yi Wang, Dong Lin, Changtai Li, Junping Zhang, Peng Liu, Chengchen Hu, and Gong Zhang. Application Driven Network: providing On-Demand Services for Applications. Sigcomm 2016 Demo..

  2. Xitao Wen, Bo Yang, Yan Chen, Chengchen Hu, Yi Wang, Bin Liu and Xiaolin Chen. SDNShield: Reconciliating Configurable Application Permissions for SDN App Markets. DSN 2016..

  3. Yi Wang, Dongzhe Tai, Ting Zhang, and Bin Liu. FlowShadow: Keeping Update Consistency in Software-based OpenFlow Switches. IWQoS 2016..

  4. Hao Wu, Bin Liu, Yang Li, Huichen Dai, Weiyi Zhang, and Yi Wang. Tube Caching: An Effective Caching Scheme in Content-Centric Networking. IWQoS 2016 Poster..


  1. Jianyuan Lu, Tong Yang, Yi Wang, Huichen Dai, Linxiao Jin, Haoyu Song, and Bin Liu. One-Hashing Bloom Filter. IWQoS 2015..

  2. Yi Wang, Dongzhe Tai, Ting Zhang, Boyang Xu, Linxiao Jin, Huichen Dai, Bin Liu, and Xin Wu. FlowShadow: a Fast Path for Uninterrupted Packet Processing in SDN Switches. ANCS 2015 Poster..


  1. Huichen Dai, Jianyuan Lu, Yi Wang, and Bin Liu. BFAST: Unified and Scalable Index for NDN Forwarding Architecture. Infocom 2014..

  2. Xiaofei Wang, Bin Liu, Junchen Jiang, Yang Xu, Yi Wang, and Xiaojun Wang. Kangaroo: Accelerating String Matching by Running Multiple Collaborative Finite State Machines. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC)..

  3. Yi Wang, Boyang Xu, Dongzhe Tai, Jianyuan Lu, Ting Zhang, Huichen Dai, Beichuan Zhang and Bin Liu. Fast Name Lookup for Named Data Networking. IWQoS 2014. The Best Paper Award.

  4. Huichen Dai, Yi Wang, Hao Wu, Jianyuan Lu and Bin Liu. Towards Line-Speed And Accurate On-line Popularity Monitoring on NDN Routers. IWQoS 2014.

  5. Bin Liu, Jianyuan Lu, Yi Kai, Yi Wang and Tian Pan. Power-proportional Router: Power-Efficient Router Design. IWQoS 2014.

  6. Yue Zhang, Kai Zheng, Chengchen Hu, Kai Chen, Yi Wang, and Athanasios V. Vasilako. CoSwitch: A Cooperative Switching Design for Software Defined Data Center Networking. Hotdata 2014. The Best Paper Award..


  1. Yi Wang, Huichen Dai, Ting Zhang, Wei Meng, Jindou Fan and Bin Liu. GPU-Accelerated Name Lookup with Component Encoding. Computer Networks (Special Issue: Information Centric Networking ).

  2. Zhian Mi, Tong Yang, Jianyuan Lu, Hao Wu, Yi Wang, Tian Pan, Haoyu Song and Bin Liu. LOOP: Layer-based Overlay and Optimized Polymerization for Multiple Virtual Tables. ICNP 2013.

  3. Ting Zhang, Yi Wang, Tong Yang, Jinayuan Lu and Bin Liu. NDNBench: A Benchmark for Named Data Networking Lookup. Globecom 2013.

  4. Hao Wu, Jun Li, Yi Wang and Bin Liu. EMC: The Effective Multi-path Caching Scheme for Named Data Networking. ICCCN 2013.

  5. Yi Wang, Yuan Zu, Ting Zhang, Kunyang Peng, Qunfeng Dong, Bin Liu, Wei Meng, Huicheng Dai, Xin Tian, Zhonghu Xu, Hao Wu, Di Yang. Wire Speed Name Lookup: A GPU-based Approach. NSDI 2013.

  6. Xitao Wen, Yan Chen, Chengchen Hu, Chao Shi, Yi Wang. Towards A Secure Controller Platform for OpenFlow Applications. NSDI 2013 Poster.

  7. Yi Wang, Tian Pan, Zhian Mi, Huichen Dai, Xiaoyu Guo, Ting Zhang, Bin Liu and Qunfeng Dong. NameFilter: Achieving fast name lookup with low memory cost via applying two-stage Bloom filters. INFOCOM mini conference, 2013.

  8. Yi Wang, Dongzhe Tai, Ting Zhang, Jianyuan Lu, Boyang Xu, Huichen Dai and Bin Liu. Greedy Name Lookup for Named Data Networking. Sigmetrics 2013 Poster (Full+Poster<30%).

  9. Huichen Dai, Yi Wang, Jindou Fang and Bin Liu. Mitigate DDoS Attacks in NDN by Interest Traceback. INFOCOM workshop, 2013.


  1. Yi Wang, Keqiang He, Huichen Dai, Wei Meng, Junchen Jiang, Bin Liu and Yan Chen. Scalable Name Lookup in NDN Using Effective Name Component Encoding. The 32th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS2012).

  2. Yi Wang, Wei Meng, Chengchen Hu, Wei Meng, Keqiang He, and Bin Liu. Fast Adaptive Speed Scaling Mechanism and Implementation on NetFPGA Platform. Chinese Journal of Computers Vol 6, 2012 (in Chinese).

  3. Huichen Dai, Bin Liu, Yan Chen and Yi Wang. On Pending Interest Table in Named Data Networking. ANCS 2012.

  4. Yi Kai, Yi Wang and Bin Liu. GreenRouter: Reducing Power by Innovating Router's Architecture. IEEE Computer Architecture Letters.

  5. Jun Li, Hao Wu, Jianyuan, Yi Wang, Bin Liu, Xin Wang, Yanyong Zhang, Lijun Dong. Popularity-driven Coordinated Caching in Name Data Networking. ANCS 2012.

  6. Tong Yang, Shenjiang Zhang, Ting Zhang, Ruian Duan, Yi Wang, Bin Liu. Approaching Optimal Compression with Fast update for Large Scale Routing Tables. IWQoS 2012.

  7. Wei Meng, Yi Wang, Chengchen Hu, Keqiang He, Jun Li and Bin Liu. Greening the Internet using Multi-Frequency Scaling Scheme. The 26th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2012).

  8. Keqiang He, Yi Wang, Xiaofei Wang, Wei Meng and Bin Liu. GreenVLAN: An Energy-Efficient Approach for VLAN Design. IEEE International Conference on Computing, Networking and Commuications (ICNC2012).


  1. Yi Wang, Huichen Dai, Junchen Jiang, Wei Meng, Bin Liu. Parallel Name Lookup for Named Data Networking. IEEE Global Telecommunications Conf. (GLOBECOM) 2011.


  1. Yi Tang, Junchen Jiang, Xiaofei Wang, Yi Wang and Bin Liu. Cache-Based Scalable Deep Packet Inspection with Predictive Automaton. IEEE Global Telecommunications Conf. (GLOBECOM) 2010.

Submitted papers (abstracts are available)

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