Kai Zheng


Brief C.V.

..... Kai received his B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT, 北京邮电大学), Beijing, China 2001. In the same year, he was recommended to extend his education in Tsinghua Univ. (清华大学) in Computer Science (Computer Architecture), free of entrance examination. During this time, his research interests covered the fields of Computer Networking and focus on the packet forwarding/processing section, such as Route Lookup, Packet Classifications, Deep Packet Inspection, et.al. The issues of memory management, sub-system architecture designing and load/traffic balancing/scheduling are the three key domains he dedicated into. He got his Ph.D in 2006, and from then on he joined IBM China Research Lab as a Research Staff Member on computer system architecture.

..... Frankly, Kai's interests is on astronomy, actually. He once owned a web site named "Astronomy Bar(天文吧)", which unfortunately had to be close due to several stupid reasons....The great thing is that, he is now making up his mind a second time to become somehow a PTA (a.k.a. Part Time Astronomer,:P).


..... Tsinghua Univ. Ph.D, Computer Science;
..... Tsinghua Univ, Master Degree of Engineering, Computer Science;
..... Beijing Univ, of Post & Telecommunication, BA Degree of Engineering, Eletronic Engineering;

Previous Projects:
(During the Ph.D program)
China 863 High-techPlan:
..... No. 863-300-01-03-99:High Performance Router
..... No. 2001AA112082: IP QOS Supported NP Performance Enhancement Technology
..... No. 2002AA103011-1: Researches on Key Technologies of 4*10Gb/s High Speed Line Cards
..... No. 2003AA115110:Design and Prototype of Network Processor
The National Science Foundation of China:
..... No. 60173009: Mathematic Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Core Routers.
China/Ireland Science and Technology Collaboration Research Fund:
..... No. CI-2003-02;
The Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China:
..... No. 20040003048;

Honors :
1998, Nokia Scholarship, First Prize;
1999, Beijing College Mathematic Contest, First Prize;
1999, Beijing College Physics Contest, Second Prize;
1999, Chinese Mathematical Contest in Modeling, First Prize ;
1999, Motorola Scholarship, First Prize;
2000, Chinese Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Second Prize;
2000, U.S.A Mathematical Contest in Modeling(MCM) Meritorious Winner;
2001, U.S.A Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling(ICM) Meritorious Winner;
2004, IFIP ICCC 2004, Best Paper Award;
2004, Tsinghua-Nortel Network Scholarship, First Prize;
2005, IEEE Student Travel Grant for IEEE INFOCOM 2005 ;
2005, Tsinghua-HP Outstanding Scholarship, Top Prize.
2006, Tsinghua Outstanding Ph.D Dissertation Award
2006, Outstanding Ph.D Dissertation Award of CCF (China Computer Federation)  



New(ish) Stuff(s)

Date Event
2010.02 TPC Membership of IEEE INFOCOM 2011.!
2010.02 Paper "Scalable Pattern Matching on Multicore Platform via Dynamic Differentiated Distributed Detection (D4)" got accepted by IEEE Transaction on Computer.
2009.11 Paper "Scalable NIDS via Negative Pattern Matching and Exclusive Matching" got accepted by IEEE INFOCOM 2010 main conference.
2009.7 TPC Membership of 2009 FTRG International Workshop on Advances in Cryptography, Security and Applications for Future Computing (ACSA-09)
2009.7 TPC Membership of IEEE 2009 International Conference on Broadband Network and Multimedia Technology
2009.5 TPC Membership of IEEE MINES'09
2009.5 Serve as Registration Chair of ACM MOBICOM'09
2009.5 Co-author paper "Allocation Wall: a Limiting Factor of Java Applications on Emerging Multi-core Platforms" accepted by ACM SIGPLAN Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA'09, accepted ratio 17.3%).
2008.12 Co-author paper "Tale in the Multi-core Era: Is Java Still Competitive to Host SIP Applications?" accepted by IEEE ICC 2009
2008.10 Co-chair of PIC (Professional Interests Community) Communication & Networking, IBM Research
2008.7 TPC Membership of ICC'09 CISS (Communication and Information Systems Security)
2008. 7 Invited as Session Chair of "Key Management", Globecom 2008, Computer and Communications Network Security Symposium
2007.10 Coauthor paper "Dynamic Range Encoding Scheme for TCAM Coprocessors" accepted by IEEE Transaction on Computer
2007.2 Coauthor paper "Hybrid Cache Architecture for High Speed Packet Processing" accepted by IET/IEE Proceeding of Computers & Digital Techniques
2006.11 Outstanding Ph.D Dissertation Award of CCF (China Computer Federation)
2006.2 Paper "DPPC-RE:TCAM-Based Distributed Packet Classification with Range Matching ", Accepted by IEEE Transaction on Computer
2006.2 Co-author Paper "A Memory-Efficient Parallel String Matching Architecture for High Speed Intrusion Detection Systems ", accepted by IEEE JSAC special issue on High-Speed Network Security


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