Olympus C4040z, S=1/10, A=f/1.8, f=38mm, ISO=200

Olympus C4040z, S=1/100, A=f/1.8, f=38mm, ISO=100

"The Lion King" :Olympus C4040z, S=1/20, A=f/2.6, f=38mm, ISO=100


Nikon E4300, S=1/625, A=f/4.9, f=100mm, ISO=114


Nikon E4300, S=1/30, A=f/7.6, f=114mm, ISO=100


Canon S60, S=1/8, A=f/4.5, f=38mm, ISO=100


Olympus C4040z, S=1/6, A=f/2, f=38mm, ISO=200


Canon S60, S=1/10, A=f/2.8, f=28mm, ISO=100


Canon S60, S=1/15, A=f/2.8, f=28mm, ISO=100



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